Get ready to embark on an incredible journey

Join our sacred circle, with other empaths, lightworkers, psychics, and mediums.

Learn to embrace gifts you don't even know you have.

It's time for you to remember who you truly are

Psychics anonymous is a 4 week sacred circle where you can feel safe to explore your spiritual gifts in a non-judgmental space.

Make new friends who understand you, and can help propel you in your life.

Surround yourself with other incredible beings so you can open your heart, and your third eye.

We will meet on Zoom on MONDAYS for 4 weeks for 1 hour.  (Oct 4th, 11th, 20th, and Nov 1st).  If you're unable to make it, there will be a replay.

Learn my channeled 7 Steps to an Epic Spiritual Life.  These will help you live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Learn about your gifts and how to open up to them even if you think you don't have any.  You'll find out you do!

Have fun practicing using your gifts amongst others who are developing their skills.

You're no longer alone. We're here for you!

  • Psychic Pals: Meet like minded people.  Share your experience about your spiritual journey.  Find others who have went through the same things as you.
  • Psychic Powers: Sit in the Power with other magnificent beings. This will heighten your vibration, making it easier for you to connect to the higher realms and the other side.
  • Your Psychic Self: Realize your whole life has prepared you for where you are.  Find out ways to come out of the spiritual closet and unto living your best life.
  • Psychic Connections: Practice your skills.  If you're brand new, no worries. You'll learn how to connect.

Your Guide

Your in safe hands when opening up to your gifts.  Heather Danielle has been leading psychic and mediumship development circles for several years and has helped many tap into their spiritual powers.

Heather didn't always know she was a psychic medium.  It was a crazy turn of events in her adult years that had her realizing that not only was she psychic, but everyone is.  Her passion is now to help others open up to their unqiue gifts.


As a Spiritual Coach, my mind has expanded instrumentally with all of the tools and teaching Heather has provided. She has helped me expand my Psychic abilities and make many of these connections myself.

Rachele R


Hello! I've had very positive experiences during sessions with Heather. She's a very astute and talented medium, and she connected me with many of my loved ones. She's extremely accurate + she has a terrific personality. I highly recommend Heather!




Heather Danielle has been trained by some of the most amazing spiritual leaders of our time.  She has taken what she's learned, and put her own unique spin on it that will help you bust through the blocks and get you connecting with Spirit in no time.

Not sure if this is right for you?

If you're not sure of what to expect, or if this is something that is for your highest good, just email us, and we'll help you decide.