Confused on your spiritual journey and not sure what your next step is?


There's no need to navigate your spiritual path alone. Stop Googling everything because I've compiled all sorts of FREE (& AH-MAZING) spiritual goodies for you inside of The Spiritual AF Library, including all of my E-books, video lessons, and free guides to satisfy your metaphysical curiosities.

I know that going down your spiritual journey can leave you feeling...

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But now you've found me.  I'll be your guide & Mentor ✨


We were drawn together for a reason! 

Heather Danielle Psychic Medium

 I've been there, trying to find the next steps of my spiritual journey, lost amidst outdated blogs and the endless trails of YouTube, wondering if any of these "free downloads" will actually help or if I'm just wasting my time.

That's why I created The Spiritual AF Library—to spare you the confusion and to have everything you need in one place.  No more wondering if the info you're given is accurate either- I created all of these resources myself.

AND... you don't have to worry about being dropped like a hot tamale.  I'll still be there for you once you get access to the library because you'll become part of our Venture. The Venture is my weekly email packed with invaluable tools and profound wisdom crafted to help you triumph over the obstacles along your path. I'll be there every step of the way. No Phoenix will get left behind.


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