The Spiritual AF Life podcast

The Spiritual AF Life podcast is your place to get your top tips and practical steps in bringing the metaphysical world down to Earth. Get insight into the spiritual connection with Heather.

This isn't your fluffy full of woo-woo show. During these episodes (released every Monday,  and Wednesday). You'll find ways to bring the spiritual guidance and knowledge into your daily life. It's time to get off your meditation pillow and start LIVING a spiritual AF Life!

Through these episodes, you'll learn how to hear and see the invisible guidance that's available to you all throughout your day. This Podcast is intended to help you strengthen your bond with your Higher Power and make you feel connected like never before.

Are you an Empath, Lightworker, Psychic, or Medium? This is this podcast that you've been waiting for!

Popular Episodes

Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Ever wonder if you've met your soul mate or even your twin flame? Curious to find out what the differences are between these two relationships once and for all?

This is NOT Devil's Work

Psychic Mediumship is NOT Devils Work: Society, Media & Religion. Tune in to hear about some ways the media and religious groups have tried to convince society that spiritual connection is wrong. Ep.178

Connecting with your Inner Psychic

Everyday Practices for enhanced Intuition. Ppractical techniques for unlocking your inner guidance and enhancing your intuition that you can do throughout your day, taking no extra time.  Ep 176

How to get your Spirit Guide's Name & their personal sign

Your Spirit Guides want to communicate with you. In this episode, tune in to find a few ways to get their name and their personal sign to you! Ep. 114

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