A reading is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Get clarity on what path is best for you
  • Want confirmation Spirit is with you
  • Wondering if you're on the right path
  • Desire to uncover blocks
  • Are drawn to have a reading with me even though
    you're not sure why
  • Find out what is stopping you from moving forward
  • Want to hear from a passed loved one
  • Are curious as to what your guides have to tell you
  • Interested in learning more about your health, relationships, gifts, purpose, or need guidance to make your life even better


Spiritual Coaching Package includes:

  • FOUR Deep Dive Sessions with me 1 on 1
  • ​​Spirit tasks (aka homework) 
  • Direct access to me via Voxer Support 

During these sessions we can work on developing your psychic/mediumship gifts, uncovering any blocks, assessment of gifts, understanding gifts to improve health and relationships, or even working on building your own business. 

You'll have direct access to me via Voxer. This means, you can ask me questions, talk about concerns you're having, and I can personally walk you thru them.  I will answer within 24 hours.


Transformational Package includes:

  • TWELVE Deep Dive Sessions with me 1 on 1
  • ​​Spirit tasks (aka homework) 
  • Direct access to me via Voxer Support 

During these sessions we will work together on your transformation where I will assist you in developing your psychic/mediumship gifts, busting any blocks, assessment of gifts, understanding gifts to improve health and relationships, or even working on building your own business.  Get you trusting in Spirit and in yourself more so you can make better decisions, and start living a life you love.  We’ll dive deep in restructuring your thought patterns, and get you leaning on Spirit more so you will have less challenges, be able to make decisions better, and to make this the best life you ever lived.

We’ll work on changing perspective in order to manifest your heart’s wildest desires.

We’ll uncover parts of yourself you have long forgotten about.

By tapping into your innate gifts, and intuition, and understanding what makes you unique will give you the key to having the most epic life.

You’ll feel not only closer to Spirit, but to your passed loved ones. You will gain an understanding on how they communicate (with you specifically), and how you can use their advice to dodge problems, and live a live of ease.

Opening up to your spiritual side will have you feeling happier, and healthier.  You’ll be more attuned with your body, understanding what it needs, and you’ll learn to embrace your sensitive side. 

Whether you want to start doing readings professionally, or just live a more spiritually infused life, these sessions will catapult your spirit connection and have you on your way to the most epic life.  



Working with me is easy!

When you book ANY session, just choose a time most convenient for you.  You’ll then receive an email confirmation right away with the link to join your session (if doing my video chat), along with a link just in case you need to reschedule or need to cancel the appointment for any reason.  You’ll also receive a reminder e-mail 24 hours before your appointment.

Making a phone reading? Awesome! Sit back and wait for me to call you.

You’re able to record phone sessions, but if you choose to have your reading done via Zoom, I can record it for you and will send you the replay link within 72 hours.

I also offer e-mail readings. Just choose a time and date, and I’ll send your reading by the date and time you chose!

I am no longer offering healings.  If you are looking for Reiki, Pranic Healing, or chakra cleansing/balancing, you can still reach out to me and I will refer you to someone who I am drawn to connect you with. 

Do you offer in-person readings?

No. Currently, I am only offering phone, Zoom, Facebook Chat, and e-mail readings.

Are distant readings as accurate as in-person readings?

Absolutely! All I need is a name to connect.

Am I able to record my reading?

Yes. You are welcome to record your reading if you are able to. If your reading is done via Zoom, I will record your session for you and send you the link to your session.

How do I prepare for my reading?

You can prepare by coming with an open mind.  If you're interested in a psychic reading, feel free to write your questions down and bring them with you.  I like to see if Spirit can answer your questions before you even ask them!

If you're interested in a mediumship reading, ask the loved one you want to come through to make it to the session. Sometimes asking them to come helps them come through during your reading. Sadly, I can't guarantee a certain loved one will come through.  Talking to the other side is much like calling a public telephone booth.  You never know who will answer.

Do you do Psychic Parties?

I actually do!  These can be done online (via Zoom) or in person.  However, I am very selective to the parties that I do because of my schedule, and other factors.  Please email me at if you want some more info on a psychic party.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! Gift certificates are available for all of my services. Click here to purchase.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to my Terms and Conditions for refunds and rescheduling.

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