I'm Heather Danielle


I am a certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual Gifts mentor. I am honored to offering readings and mentor incredible souls all over the world!

The truth is...I didn't always know I had gifts. I learned how to communicate with the Spirit world by attending Spirit circles and taking courses. 

I'm also an oracle card junkie with an ever-growing collection, and even though I don't have my own card deck (yet!), I am an affiliate and lover of The Food Healing Oracle Deck.

Additionally, I am the host of The Spiritual AF Life Podcast with new episodes every Monday, and Wednesday. 

Last but not least, I am the founder of Rise Into Your Power, author of Anxiety to Angels (check it out on Amazon), and organizer of the Michigan Psychic Mediumship Development Group. 


Plum Stars


My spiritual path started when my grandma passed away in 2011. After her passing, I got really sick and had to turn to untraditional techniques to get better. That's when I learned about my abilities.

At this time, I was already married and settled down.  Imagine the talk I had to have with my skeptic husband: "Hi honey, I found out I'm psychic and can talk to the dead!"

To both of our surprises, I went from sick to psychic. I went from broken and broke to healed and happy. Tuning into my "gifts" helped me get off ALL 0f my medications and transformed my world from the inside out.

Now I love helping others transform their lives!

 I do this through mentoring sessions, readings, and online courses.

In fact, I wrote the book, Anxiety to Angels to give others the steps I took to go from sick to psychic.

I used to think gifts were just for the exceptional, but I finally realized that everyone can tap into the psychic realm and everyone has the ability to chat with those that have passed on.

My passion is to show you how!


I am a certified Psychic Medium, a Level II Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, and a Pranic Healer. I’ve trained under some amazing spiritual leaders, such as Gabby Bernstein, John Holland, and Lisa Williams.  

I’ve done hundreds of readings for people all over the world. I am a certified Life Coach and the author of Anxiety to Angels (check it out on Amazon) and The Day the Sun Slept In (check it out on Amazon).

I have also been featured by Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi for my successful first course, How to Become a Psychic Medium.