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I’m a certified psychic medium and an empowering spiritual leader who helps empaths open up and hone in on their unique gifts.

I am passionate in helping others tap into their own spiritual powers so they can make this the BEST life they ever lived.  Not only do I teach how to become a psychic medium, but I also bring forth messages from passed loved ones in readings, and I offer insightful messages in my healings.  

Lavender Stars

Every single one of us is surrounded by our passed loved ones, spirit guides, and angels who work with us daily to help us get the most out of this amazing human life we're living right now.

I call this group our Spiritual Posse, and I can help you connect with them!

My Mission:

To support you in overcoming your fear and doubt by helping you to start living a spiritually infused life.



Connect with your Spiritual Posse to gain insight and bring you the answers you are looking for.


Everyone has gifts. Let me help you open up and embrace yours!


Check out the NEW dream course that will help you get the messages your Spirit guides are trying to send you in your dreams.

Ever wonder how Spirit is talking to you?

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Every Sunday at 9 am EST

  • Weekly card readings
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Heather Danielle Psychic Medium

Tap into the Magic of your dreams

Your dreams hold secret messages.  It's time to find out what they mean so you can embrace the magic and rise into your power. 

Kind words

 "I have always wanted to get a reading done so I booked an appointment. I left amazed, emotional (good of course), and just completely full of wow. I had to make another appointment; so I did. I just kept wanting more. I absolutely loved the way she read me. So If you are looking for a reading, guidance, or to learn how to step into your powers, look no further. I do not know of anyone better to help with any of your spiritual needs or wants. She is personable, outgoing, funny, passionate, welcoming and an extremely gifted spiritual leader/healer/coach! I honestly could go on and on and tell you all the wonders she has done for me. She will not disappoint you, you will leave her readings/sessions wanting to come back for more EVERY SINGLE TIME!" - BRITTANY T.

“Heather is a great guide and you can tell instantly that she is connected to Spirit.  She is very easy to talk to and is always willing to chat. Heather has connected with many of my past loved ones and has guided me on new journeys. She even mentioned where my new job would be and within a few weeks, I accepted an offer matching her description! She has also given some advice on helping one of my children with what they are seeing, and I am so thankful for her guidance! I will see her time and time again! - ROBIN K.

 “Every single time I have gotten a reading from Heather, she has always been on point! She knows what she is talking about, and always knows the answers to my questions. She even saw stars when she was delivering messages from my Starla. Heather is truly, incredibly gifted. Get a reading from her! You will not be disappointed!” - TRISTA Y.

“Heather is an amazing medium and has brought me so many insights to my life. Without her readings and guidance, I would not have had the courage to face my anxiety and gain confidence within myself. Heather’s energy and enthusiasm as she works with you is incredible. She truly cares about what your needs are. I highly recommend!” - CHRISTINA M.


Can you believe that over 80% of Americans believe in life after death?


But only 29% actually feel like they've interacted with someone who has passed on?


This breaks my heart. The truth is that none of us are alone.

Including you!

Heather Danielle Psychic Medium