1/10/23 Daily Oracle –Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

You are here and now. Stop for a moment and consider something. Do you want more of what you are experiencing, or would you like to see life through a new lens, one of joy and peacefulness?

If you chose the latter, then this is your call to open to new possibilities of spiritual growth and alignment. You are here reading this today for a reason. Will you see this as the calling it is, or brush it off as… ah, that stuff isn’t for me?

This card signifies that the change you’re currently in the midst of (or contemplating) is part of your spiritual growth. It will bring about great blessings, even if challenges present themselves along the way. As this experience comes to a conclusion, you’ll know that you are very strong indeed. In fact, this situation will push you to leave behind your comfort zone. You’ll reach deep inside to a reservoir of strength you did not know you had.

Deck: Butterfly Oracle Deck
Author: Doreen Virtue


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