1/3/23 Daily Oracle – Love Heals Fear

🦄 Love Heals Fear: The power of your love can help bullies and angry people to be less afraid.

People who are angry are really afraid of getting into trouble-even adults and people with important jobs. So when you meet someone who acts like a bully, remember that this person is really just afraid. If you get angry back at the person, you’ll just add to their fear.

You can heal away anger with your thoughts of love. See the goodness in every­body (including yourself). Know that everyone really wants to be happy. No one likes to be a bully. No one enjoys being angry. Bullies and angry people are very lonely because their anger pushes other people away from them. So, you can help by being kind to such people.

You’ll also want to be kind to yourself and listen to your inner voice, which tells you how to stay safe. Call upon angels, especially Archangel Michael, to protect you if you ever feel afraid. And love is your best protector, because your inner voice helps you to know the love that’s within every person. It will keep you strong, no matter what.

Deck: Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards
Author: Doreen Virtue


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