11/17/22 Daily Oracle Card – Wise Woman of the Grove – Grace

  1. Wise Woman of the Grove – Grace

When this card chooses you, you are the advent of a remarkable times of ease, wisdom, healing, joy, and inspiration. Your ability to hear the voices of Spirit is rapidly expanding. Spirit guardians are watching over you with immense love and kindness. Being in the state of grace means being blessed by divine forces.

Grace can mean having enough inner nobility that even if you don’t know your opinion is absolutely right, you don’t push the point. You are willing to drop it – knowing that in the great scheme of things, it’s not that important. Besides, the Creator knows the truth of the situation, even if other’s don’t. There are times to be abruptly, starkly honest, but this isn’t one of them. Be diplomatic and gracious in your interactions with others. Speak with love and kindness.

The Spirit of the Wise Woman of the Grove says: You can relax and let go, your path is guided. Spiritual nobility is growing within you. The Spirit of grace is softly unfolding in your life. Kindly honor the truth of others, even if you don’t agree or if you know better. The Creator knows the truth.

Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle
Author: Denise Linn


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