11/18/22 Daily Oracle Card – Toadstool – Growth

44. Toadstools – Growth πŸ„

Things that have been incubating beneath the surface are going to be coming into fruition. Get clear on your goals and dreams, because rapid growth is ahead. Be ready! For these projects to come to fruition, you must first be starkly honest about what you want. Ask yourself, Is this what I really want? Believe in miracles!

Also, in the time ahead, you might discover a spiritual guru or step into a new spiritual path. You might find that you are providing expansive spiritual growth for others simply by being who you are. Make sure that your foundations are in place, because once this growth begins, you will be in for a journey of a lifetime.

Beneath the surface of your life, miraculous changes are occurring. Something that you thought what ordinary is, in fact, remarkable. You are in a time of rapid spiritual and material growth.

Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle
Author: Denise Linn


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