A place where you belong!


The Coffee & Cards Club is JUST what you've been looking for.


NO MORE trying to figure out what to do on your spiritual path.

STOP doubting yourself, and START hearing your intuition.

You're on your spiritual journey and it can be tough sometimes, but if you join this club, you'll feel like you found your soul family.

You'll start gaining confidence within yourself.

Will feel closer to your Higher Power.

All while having fun practicing reading cards, and practicing your psychic abilitiy and mediumship.

(YES!! Everyone including you have the "GIFTS" and I show you how to use them in the club).

👈CHECK OUT this month's schedule.  Our LIVE events vary from month to month so everyone from all time zones (& work situations) can make it to most of them.

Each month, new goodies are added to help you along your spiritual path check our below what's new this month and see what else you get when you become a club member.


We know the Holidays can be a busy time of year that's why NEW IN THE CLUB this month are different fun ways you can practice your intuition and psychic abilities while spending time with the fam or doing some shopping.

The Christmas Bucket List will help you ground yourself into spiritual practices each day. Go in order or bounce around to do all 25 days of the spiritual fun.

Enjoy the serene cozy winter meditation from Reiki Rachele to help calm you and bring you back to center and in the moment.

Have fun with the psychic Christmas game that you can play solo, with the fam, or with your besties!

Don't forget about the Spiritual BINGO that will help bring you closer to the spiritual peeps that are around you.

Your tribe awaits!  Have fun with these fun games this month as you surround yourself with like minded gals & guys who think just like YOU!

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The coffee + cards club!

This is the place where you can be part of an amazing spiritual community with incredible people who think and feel the same way as you.  You'll bond over coffee and oracle cards. Perhaps, your new bestie awaits you inside the club.

You'll have fun exploring your abilities with live sessions, resources, and a community to support you along your journey.

What to expect inside the CLUB:

  • TWO Monthly Circles where you can practice your intuition, psychic connection & mediumship skills (both with and without cards).
  • Monthly office hours to get your questions answered, and be able to chat comfortably with other club members.
  • Participate in monthly themed challenges to help you strengthen your intuitive sense & win prizes.
  • Practice giving readings that will help you become confident AF!
  • Access to classes, & resources to help you understand the spiritual realm.
  • And more!

Join now and know you can cancel at anytime!

Have Fun Every Month!


In the Coffee & Cards Club Community you'll be able to practice readings in a safe place. You'll get the steps on how to do a reading, and help knowing if you're ready to give readings to others. All members will abide by our reading code of ethics (you'll get a copy). You can also get a reading as well from a practicing members. 🥳


Psychic & Mediumship Development circles will help you understand your abilities.  During these circles, we'll start of with some sort of intuitive exercise and will practice our psychic connection before we move on to mediumship where I will walk you through every step of connecting to the other side.


Heather will have office hours for those who need to ask a quick question or get some additional guidance. Simply logon using the link provided and either get your very own questions answered or listen in to see if there's another club member asking a question that can possibly help you.

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On the 1st of every month, you'll get amazing resources to help you on your journey.  They include everything from mini classes, to helpful resources, to printable card decks.  When you join, you get access to ALL the archives too!

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In the club, you'll be able to join the challenges of the month.  You'll be able to earn badges too!  Spoiler alert:  Each month the TOP CLUB MEMBER will get a gift card so they can buy themselves a deck of cards or something they love!

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When you become part of this club, you'll get access to free classes.  This includes the deep dive Oracle 101 Course.  In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to start reading cards!

Become a Founding Member

Join the club as a FOUNDING MEMBER at the lowest price.

Do you love coffee? Do you love Oracle cards? Looking for new (& fun) gal pals? Then, you gotta join as a founding member so you get all the goodies at a discounted rate.

PS: If you love Tea & Tarot- We'll still accept you. 🤣




Pay for the year upfront and get TWO months FREE.  Lock in the low price of $270 and have all the club perks!

Don't worry! If you find out that you don't like the club in the first week, let us know and we'll give you a full refund. 😎

Coffee + Cards Club Perks

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You'll be able to access the club via app so you can snuggle up to your coffee mug while you soak in the energy of the group. There's RESOURCES you can use to help you learn how to do readings  and you'll have FREE ACCESS to the NEW course: Oracle 101 which will take you on a deep dive to becoming an amazing card reader.  Every month, you'll have chances to earn badges, and WIN PRIZES for completing the monthly challenge and for being involved in the club.

Want to join for Free?

You can be part of the club for free using your very own affiliate link.  You can use your 20% commission to pay for the club membership or use it as pocket cash.💰

You need to be part of the CCCC!

The Coffee & Cards Club Community (aka the CCCC) is a place where you be your true self and not worry about your Facebook friends seeing your post or the group since it isn't on the social media platform.

The CCCC is a place where you can ask questions, practice giving readings, participate in the monthly challenge to WIN cool goodies, or just chat with your fellow club besties!


  • Community where you can practice GIVING readings
  • Drop-in office hours where you can get your personal questions answered
  • Rescources on how to do readings, ethics to follow & more
  • FREE access to Oracle 101 Course
  • Private community where you may find your spiritual BFF that isn't on any social media site
  • Making $$ when inviting your peeps to join the club! 
  • TWO monthly circles where you can practice your skills
  • Sacred space where you can GET readings
  • Track your monthly goals & reflect on your progress
  • Participate in monthly challenges to help your skills SOAR &get chances to WIN PRIZES!
  • FREE Quarterly Classes to help you develop confidence in your spiritual abilities
  • Access the Club on the GO so you can hang with your tribe anywhere, anytime