Does this sound like you? 

  • Want to connect to Spirit but are having a tough time
  • Are interested in divination tools but not sure where to start
  • Are tired of piecing together info you search on Youtube
  • Want to learn how to use tools to connect to your Higher Power

You're in the

Copy of Ultimate eBook Template - Brown - Part 2 - LINKK

Let's have Fun!

You're gonna LOVE the...

  •  SEVEN Modules to cover 7 different divination tools
  • Course downloads to print and use to help you connect. Including:
    • FOUR card spreads for love, manifesting, & more. 
    •  Tarot Major Arcana Meanings
    • Letter Board to connect to your spirit guides
    • Pendulum Mat

In this course you will learm:

  • All about Oracle cards. How to clean, shuffle, and use them!
  • History of Tarot, interesting facts & meanings
  • How to use a pendulum for accurate insight
  • About runes, what they are and how to read them
  • How fun and accurate Dowsing Rods are
  • The truth about the ouiji board (don't be scared!)