Ignite your Intuition

Ignite your intuition so you can start living a spiritually infused life.

Learning how to ignite your intuition will allow you to tune into your inner world to better help you navigate your outer world. You’ll be able to use this internal compass system to make better decisions, know when something (or someone) isn’t for you, and become happier.

When you start living a spiritually infused life, things just flow with ease. You have less worry, stress, and you trust more in the future.

But firstโ€ฆ

What is intuition?

Intuition is internal knowledge without conscious reasoning. You may know it as your gut instinct, or maybe as the voice of your “Higher Power”. This is usually the soft voice inside your mind. It’s the one that tells you that you left your coffee pot on, or that you “were right about that guy“.
In order to understand the intuition better, we need to meet it’s crazy cousin,

the ego.

The ego gets a bad rep, but it is such an important part of you! It protects you like an over-obsessive boyfriend. It doesn’t want you to make the same mistake twice, and it’s main focus is keeping you safe and out of trouble. Which sounds good, but he takes his job WAY too seriously sometimes.

The ego reminds me of the dad from the Croods-FOR REAL.

Most often, the ego voice is the loudest voice in your mind. It’s very emotional, makes excuses, and is never late to the thinking party. You want a reason NOT to do something? The Ego won’t disappoint, he’ll be there with his list longer than your husband’s Honey Do List.

Now, how in the WORLD do we get our intuition riding shotgun again?

First, know that your intuition is a tool.

It’s a guidance system.

So, it’s important to calibrate it much like you’d do with a pendulum or another Divination Tool.

Here’s what you can do:

Ask your body what a YES feels like for you. Then, ask for what a NO feels like for you.

Next, play around with your new tool. Use it when driving to see which way a car will turn, use it to see if you can intuitively “Guess” the color of shirt someone will wear. Have fun with this part.

Get into the habit of listening to it daily. You can do this by intuitively pick up on how you’re feeling in the morning. Go with the first thing that pops into your mind. Does your body need extra water today? Or does it need more movement? Set the intention to tune in to your body, feel it, and ask it what you need to know to help take care of it. See what comes up for you.

PRO TIP: Write down your worries.

You can’t keep everything in your mind, it’s too busy in there. The more thoughts you have, the harder it will be to hear your intuition. Actually, don’t just write down your worries, but everything that you keep thinking about. It may be time to start a daily journal.

If your intuition is quiet like an introvert, and you have a loud party going on in your head, how in the world are you going to hear it? Get some of those thoughts moving out the door.

Remember what an incredible spiritual being you are.

All the answers & guidance are within you. The more you practice honing in to intuition, the more complete and whole you will feel.

Now since you’ve gotten clear on your intuition, it’s time to get some insight on how to TRUST your Intuition.

This can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will learn to trust it more.

Using cards to confirm what you are getting can be REALLY helpful. Check out how to pick out a perfect deck HERE.

If you’re not into cards, any divination tool will help. It’s one thing to feel something, but if you intuitively pick something up and then use a tool and get the same answer, it deepens your trust in yourself.

So, how about you?

What was your biggest takeaway from reading this?

Are you going to try confirming your hunches with a tarot card perhaps? If so, check out this Spirit talk article on how to choose the best deck for you!

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