The Layers of the Aura

Every living thing on Earth has an aura (energy field). This includes animals, plants, flowers, and even our food.

Much like a snowflake, no set of auras look exactly the same.

It can be very interesting learning about your aura. Often times, we wonder how big it is, and what color it is.

But… Did you ever wonder why when you ask what color your aura is, you get different answers?

That is because you have different layers of the aura. Each layer is related to a color/chakra (energy wheels that are found in your body). Some of these change more frequently than other layers depending on the person.

Check them out below!

Aura layers and meaning


This is the first layer and is the closest to our body; it is connected to our muscles, bones, and tissues. The etheric layer is associated with our root chakra (color red). A stronger etheric layer means better physical health functioning.


As the name suggests, the second layer is associated with our emotions. Hence, it is connected to our sacral chakra (color orange). When you are going through emotional turmoil; this layer can show up as cloudy.


This is the third layer that is associated with our state of mind. Connected with our solar plexus chakra (color yellow)– it is stronger when we have an engaged and creative mind.


This layer signifies our bonds with other people, as a result, it is connected with our heart chakra (color green). It is strong when you have loving ties with others.


This is connected more with your evolution as an individual on this physical plane. Thus, it signifies your personality, identity, and so on, This is connected to your throat chakra (color blue) and becomes strong when you know who you are.


This layer is connected with our spiritual awakening. Connected with third eye chakra (Color purple)– this is at its strongest when you are learning more about spirituality and are practicing detachment from the world.

Ketheric template

This is the last layer that is connected to the crown chakra (color white or violet). It pulsates when you are finally connected to the universe and the divinity and have reached enlightenment. Some call this the “soul layer”.

Just because you see the color associated with that layer, it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily connecting to that layer.

Even though each layer is associated with a color, doesn’t always mean it will be that color.

It actually depends on where you are seeing the color (which layer). For a majority of those learning to see auras, it will more than likely be the Etheric or the Emotional layer of the aura.

Below is a graphic by EarthChiHealing that explains it beautifully.

Hopefully now you’re able to understand a little bit more about auras!

The SEVEN layers of the Aura (Etheric, Emotional, mental, astral, conceptional, celestial, and soul) are all pieces of you! It can be helpful to tune into our own energy to get insight, find answers to ailments, and to learn more about ourselves.

Which layer of the aura is most interesting to you?

Leave a comment & let us know below!

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