How to Choose the Perfect Tarot/Oracle deck

Get ready to learn how to a Choose a Tarot/Oracle Deck that will get you connecting to Spirit in no time.

Everyone should have a card deck they can use to connect to Spirit.  Often times, it can be hard to rely on just our ourselves for confirmation.  Having a card to validate what you’re getting intuitively can really make a huge difference. It will help you know without a doubt that you’re picking up Spirit’s message accurately.    

Before we get into how to choose the right deck for you, let’s look at the differences between Tarot and Oracle Card Decks.


Tarot cards have 78 cards, no more, no less.  They have 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcanas.  These minor arcana’s are divided up into four suits.  Sometimes, you’ll see the suit names changed up a bit, but for the most part they are: Pentacles, Wands, Swords, and Cups. When you see the names of the major arcana or the suit names changed, these are often called “hybrid” cards and can be seen as either tarot or oracle.


Tarot is really good for those:

  • Who like structure 
  • Want to know exactly what every card means 
  • Don’t want to rely just on intuition to read cards
  • Are drawn to history of spirituality
  • Love to have a lot of support
  • Are not scared or frightened by the classic tarot artwork

If you choose to a Tarot Deck, you will have a lot of options for free and affordable support. Even though there are a million people you can learn from on Youtube, I highly suggest starting off with Biddy Tarot.  


Unlike Tarot, they can be as many cards in a deck that the author wants.  There doesn’t have to be any minor or major cards.  Often times, you can find Oracle cards on specific topics such as cats, past lives, mediumship, romance, and more.  So, if you are a collector of something, you may be able to find an Oracle Deck on it.

Oracle is really good for those who:

  • Like to read intuitively 
  • Find happiness in pretty cards with pretty pictures 
  • Enjoy having a deck for specific topics
  • Do not want to be bound by card meanings
  • Like to think outside of the box
  • Find it fun to look into deeper meanings of things

Do you prefer Tarot or Oracle?

Even though you’re probably leaning more towards one kind of card deck, there’s still a few things to consider.

  • How much time to you have to devout to learning? Tarot has 78 cards to remember. Whereas, Oracle can have a lot less (or they could have a lot more, but I’ve never seen those. Most of my Oracle decks have 44 cards).
  • Do you prefer to have a lot of writing on the cards? Or do you think you’d like to intuitively pick up with just what you’re getting from the picture? This is something to think about when looking at cards. Do you like the numbers on the cards? Are you drawn to cards that just have one word on the deck?
  • Do you want to have a classic deck like the Tarot’s Rider Waite? Or do you want something that is more personal? Example, if you like vampires, you can get either a Tarot or Oracle deck that is vampire themed.

The most important thing to remember when chosing a card deck is you should be drawn to the deck. This is how you know a card deck is calling to you:

  • You see it numerous times
  • Find yourself thinking about the card deck
  • Someone you know is showing you how they just got that same deck, or one very similar
  • You got a different deck, and it’s not working out

Don’t just try your deck out once though. Try them out a little bit, it’s not always love at First Sight. Sometimes, you just need to bond a bit more with them, but after a little bit of time, you will be wondering how you ever lived without them.

Do you prefer Oracle or Tarot? Comment below to let me know!

If you already have a deck, but have a hard time trusting what you are getting, check out How to Ignite Your Intuition.

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