10/31/22 Daily Oracle Card – I Am Safe

β€œI breathe calmly and easily. I am safe in this moment.” πŸ™

If you’ve been anticipating or living in the future lately, this card is reminding you to come back to the present. Spirit wants to let you know that you are okay! You don’t need to worry about the future. You’ve made it this far and are even stronger than you think.

Is there a situation from your past that is dictating what you are doing or saying? Are there any unhealed things that are keeping you from feeling safe in this moment? Do you have your guard up in relationships or at work? Monday is a time to step forward and release any fears. It is an opportunity for great healing to take place! Spirit wants you to know that you are safe to be in the present moment.

Deck: Spirit Junkie Card Deck
Author: Gabby Bernstein


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