11/1/22 Daily Oracle Card – Perceive

“I can’t control the world, but I can control how I choose to perceive it.”☺️

As you begin to make feeling good a priority, you will notice a lot of resistance from the outside world. Don’t blame others for their resistance. They’re merely reflecting back to you any lingering resistance of your own. Use these moments as opportunities to surrender to feeling good even more. 

Darkness cannot coexist in your light, so keep shining! You can’t control what people say or do, but you can control how you choose to perceive it. 

Practice protecting your good-feeling emotions at all costs. You may need to redirect conversations, unfollow people on social media or even leave the room. Be kind and loving toward others while creating clear boundaries that protect your good-feeling emotions. You can choose how you perceive your world. You are the dreamer of your dream. 

Deck: Spirit Junkie Card Deck
Author: Gabby Bernstein


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