100 Reasons why you need 100 Oracle & Tarot card decks!

Whether it’s to convince your spouse you need another deck or to release the guilt you may feel of buying yet another divination deck- I have you covered.

You and I are Tarot and Oracle card junkies that need to stick together. Some peeps just don’t understand the feeling of getting a brand new beautiful deck full of amazing energy and potential insight.

That’s why I am giving you ONE HUNDRED reasons WHY you need to add another deck to your collection.


You know the feeling. You’ve had it before: Where you put something down at the store and never stopped thinking about it since.

Spiritual peeps don’t let spiritual peeps misout on cool AF card decks. Let’s get to the reasons. Keep some of these in your back pocket to use whenever you’re faced with a hater or someone saying those dreadful (And inaccurate words) in your ear: YOU don’t need another deck.


1. Helps strengthen your intuition
2. Gives you a fun hobby that you love
3. You’ll feel “Cool” having all the decks!
4. Gives Spirit an opportunity to give you more insight
5.ย Tune in to past lives with past life deck
6. Feel more confidence in your spiritual abilities
7. Will help you make easier decisions
8. Increases your creativity
9. Can get you connected with passed loved ones
10. They’re really pretty
11. They’re a lot of fun
12. You can find spreads on a varity of topics
13.ย You can learn about fairies
14. You’ll become more knowledgable.
15. You’ll know alot about tarot and oracle cards
16. Helps you not doubt yourself
17. Connects you to your Higher Power
18. Helps you trust in yourself more
19.ย Can help you live a happier life
20. Makes you cooler than other people (lol).
21. You won’t run out of cards to give messages
22. You could collect playing cards too & learn cartomancy
23. Can learn about food with the food healing deck
24. Learn about fairies with fairy deck
25. Learn new lanaguage like sanskrit with some decks

STAY HYDRATED. We still have 75 MORE TO GO!

26. Get more connected to your angels!
27.  Get clear on your life purpose
28. Feel closer to your higher power
29. You’ll be the talk of the town! (maybe)
30. People will know what to give you on Christmas
31. It’ll give you something to do when you’re bored.
32. You will become a card reading powerhouse
33. It will never be a dull moment with you
34. People will come to you for guidance and insight
35. You’ll make the coolest psychic ever (maybe)
36. You can keep decks all over the hosue
37. You have the ability to carry decks with you wherever you go.
38. You can give the ones you don’t like away as gifts
39. You can make “Chaos” decks
40. They may be worth $$$ one day
41. Yo’ull get inspired to create your own deck
42. You can become affiliates of the decks you love.
43. You’ll always have fun things to say during readings
44. You can have daily guidance from variety of card decks
45. No one will ever say you’re boring.

46. You can get inspired by the artwork
47. May help bring out your psychic ability
48. You’ll be known as the “Card lady” and not “Cat lady” Lol
49.  Your collection will become cool AF
50.  You won’t have empty space in your home cause it’ll be decorated with cards.

We’ve made like BON JOVI and are half way there!

51. This is a cheap hobby compared to some others.
52. Learn about crystals with the crystal deck
53. You won’t ever feel left out (probably).
54. You’ll feel like a spiritual badass.
55. You’ll have a card for almost every topic.
56. They don’t take up that much space. ๐Ÿ™‚
57. Maybe you can count online card decks in order to
expand your collection
58. You’ll be supporting artists and readers
59. Probably supporting small business’s when you by their decks.
60. You’ll learn tarot easier with “hybrid” decks”
61. Can make money becoming a card reader.
62. You’ll know the “bad” decks so others don’t buy them.
63. Maybe you can create a card deck community
64. You’ll feel like the Little Mermaid and want morrreee…
65. You can make like Oprah and give everyone a card deck (if you want, not required).

66. You won’t be spending money on other “Stupid” stuff.
67. Used card decks can hold a lot of cool energy
68. You’ll have the inside scoop with your friends (maybe).
69. People will actually listen to your advice (Sometimes).
70. You’ll be less confused and know what to do more often
71. If you need to validate what you’re getting, you have 99 other decks to confirm
72. You won’t have time to get into “Drama” cause you’ll be busy with your decks.
73. Can get decks of your favortite things!
74. And get decks of your favorite shows, etc.
75. You’ll become the go to expert in the card giving world.
76. You’ll learn to love oracle cards way more than tarot (maybe).
77. You’ll have all the decks that are sold in metaphysical stores.
78. Some of your card decks will become collector’s editions!
79. Maybe you’ll collect more than 100 and go into the Guiness world record!
(Right now is 11,087 for playing cards).
80.You can learn about numerology with numerology deck
81. If all else fails, you could build card houses which are cool AF.
82. Will enhance your memory recollection
83. Won’t miss guidance from spirit if you use them often.

Stopped here cause I love the #83. Ha! Made you look… We got 17 MORE…

84. Learn about ascended masters with keepers of the light
85. You can use some cards as artwork around your home.
86. Peeps will get you more decks on your birthday! (maybe)
87. You can have a “public” card deck for guests in your home where they can pull
their own card deck.
88. You can have a moon deck to help you with your full and new moon ceremonies!
89. Carry a card deck (or 3) with you in the car just in case you’re stuck in a traffic jam.
90. Helps with brain health (probably)
91. Makes you feel more complete. (It does me!)
92. You’ll be nourishing your spiritual side which is so important
93. They’re cheaper and cooler than other divination tools.
94. You can download the apps to your fave card decks too!
95. Some decks have books that go with them from the author, it will help you read more.
96. Will make you a more well rounded spiritual teacher.
97. So you can create a cool AF list like this!
98. You’ll attract other card collecting lovers.
99. Cause they’re just plain awesome.

100. They’ll make you really happy

And BAM! This last one is all you need. Your purpose is to be happy. If someone doesn’t want that for you, then they’re not good peeps. Run over to the Rise Into Your Power Group on Facebook and tell on them. We’re spiritual peeps that won’t let you run around with those negative Nancy’s. (Sorry to all the Nancy’s out there).

If you want to see my FAVE decks, you can check them out HERE.

Now- Your job is to show me your FAVE or your LATEST card deck! Comment below or show it off in the Facebook Group. I can’t wait to see!

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