How to cleanse your home

Cleansing your home can rid your space of any unwanted energy. This is something you can do on a monthly basis or just when needed. It can help your home go from feeling “off” to feeling like it just went through a makeover.

A house cleansing is perfect for when:

  • You cleaned your house but it still feels like it’s not clean enough.
  • After a relationship break up and you want to move on and have a fresh start.
  • You’ve overcome a tough challenge in life and you’re ready for a new journey.
  • You’re having weird and/or unpleasant dreams.
  • There’s been arguing in the house.
  • You think there’s an unwanted spirit in your home.
  • When you moved into a brand new home!

Before you get started on your cleansing:

Here are the 5 steps to cleansing your home:

And that’s it! Can it really be that EASY?

Yes! It truly is that simple. However, if you want to take it a step further-here are some extra things you can do to have your home feel energetically spick and span:

  • Add crystals to your room once you’ve completed the cleansing.. I find amethyst amazing at radiating a calming energy and is known for being a natural air purifer. Rose quartz absorbs negative energy and gives off a loving vibe. If you want a more uplifting energy, selenite may be for you. Tourmaline is exceptional at helping to reduce electromagnetic frequencies into the body.

  • Cleanse yourself! Ensure your energy is in top notch. You can do this by booking a Reiki or Pranic healing appointment, but you can also take a salt bath with essential oils, or take a dip in natural water. (Ocean is best, but work with what you have). Other options are meditating, spending time in nature, and moving your body. All of these options will raise your vibration and have you feeling energetically clean and happy.

It’s a FREE Guide I created to help you get your home spiritually and energetically clean. So, you can feel more relaxed and comfortable in your most important space, your house!

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