11/15/22 Daily Oracle Card – Willow Spirit – Flexibility

48. Willow Spirit – Flexibility 💪

The Spirit of the Willow says: Be flexible in your life, be willing to bend, rather than break. Be amenable to change and you will flourish in wondrous ways. Also being flexible in your body through yoga or stretching is important today.

 If you are experiencing challenges in your life try to look at them from different perspectives. Your willingness to be flexible may be the key to navigating the challenges. Be strong in your roots so that you don’t compromise your values or beliefs. 

The energy that the Willow is bringing you now is meant to inspire you and to help you navigate things happening in your life. She also can bring you healing energy when you need it. Work with her energy to help navigate the path that you are on now and you will find the success that you are looking for. If you have one near you, spend some time with her. You may find that her presence helps to clear your mind and to find the path that you are looking for.

Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle
Author: Denise Linn


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