11/23/22 Daily Oracle Card – Spirituality #77

Spirituality #77 😇

Affirmation: My relationship with the Divine is my path to inner peace.

This card indicates a need to enhance your connection to the Divine to improve your relationship with yourself, as well as your quality of life. Your not a human being having a spiritual experience; your a spiritual being having a human experience and your relationship with Source is your path to inner peace. When you find your way to God, you find your way back home.

Even though you have no control over “how” or “when” things will unfold, Divine timing and order will ensure that everything serves your greater good. By selecting this card, you are being encouraged to celebrate and strengthen your relationship with the Divine in whichever way you choose. You may decide to pray, meditate, chant, or do yoga, or even periods of silence.

Only you can know your ultimate path to Spirit. In order to improve your current situation, you’re asked to adjust to and harmonize with the natural rhythm and cycles of your life — cycles that are encouraging you to strengthen your relationship with the Divine. You are also being urged to communicate with your lost loved ones, spirit guides, and angels and ask for assistance when required. No request goes unanswered, and no request is too big or small.

Deck: Numerology Guidance Cards
Author: Michelle Buchanan


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