7 Signs You’re suffering from Empath fatigue.

You may know you’re an empath, but have you ever heard of empath fatigue? Check it out below along with 7 signs that it’s happening to you and what to do to feel better.

Empaths are just like anyone else except they’re hypersensitive to the emotions of people around them. They can actually absorb the energy of others.

(Think of the guy on the Green Mile movie who sucked the disease out of Tom Hanks. Empaths are like that, but often times don’t even realize they’re taking on other people’s issues).

The truth is, it’s really amazing to be an empath because you can actually help others because you understand them better than anyone else. After all, you can literally feel what they’re feeling. You may even pick up on emotions they themselves don’t even realize they’re having.

But if you’re not careful and mindful of the energy around you and the energy you’re absorbing, you can suffer from empath fatigue.

Here’s 7 signs to look for to see if this is happening to you:

  1. You are physically exhausted. You’re feeling tired, and not sure why.
  2. You’re mentally exhausted, but there’s no clear reason on why you’re feeling this way.
  3. You’re dreading being around others, you just want to be by yourself.
  4. You’ve become more sensitive to the News, sad or scary movies.
  5. You find yourself acting out behaviors that aren’t really things you would do.
  6. You’re having odd health issues such as skin rashes, and digestive issues that you didn’t really have before.
  7. You’re not sleeping well.

Even though it can be tough getting through Empath fatigue, you can get through it! Being an empath is a gift. The prescription of feeling better when you get through this, can be different from person to person, but the best things to do are:

  • Add more self care to your routine for both your mind and body
  • Spend some time alone so you can regroup
  • Watch your diet so you’re not adding more stress on to your body
  • Stop talking to those who make your fatigue worse, least for a little while.
  • Try to watch uplifting movies and shows. Also, hang out with uplifting people.

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