Plum Stars

10/28/22 Daily Oracle Card – It’s Okay to be Different

By heatherdaniellemedium / October 28, 2022 /

It’s okay to be different! 🦄 You don’t need to be like everyone else. You’re perfect just as you are! Everyone wants to be liked, so it’s normal that you want to fit in with other people. You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don’t belong. You may even feel that you’re…

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10/27/22 Daily Oracle Card – You Are Gifted

By heatherdaniellemedium / October 27, 2022 /

You Are Gifted 🌟 You are very intelligent and talented. Spirit wants you to know that you’re very intelligent. Like a high-speed computer, you have the ability to learn and memorize a lot of material. You’re especially gifted in finding out which topics interest you. You also have the gift of creativity. With your wisdom,…

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10/26/22 Daily Oracle Card – Decide

By heatherdaniellemedium / October 26, 2022 /

Decide 🫵 It’s time to clearly make a decision about what you want… As you go through life, you gain more respon­sibilities-one of the biggest is to decide what you want. You’re now in a time where you could go in a few different directions, depend­ing upon your decisions. In other words, you must decide,…

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10/25/22 Daily Oracle Card – Relax

By heatherdaniellemedium / October 25, 2022 /

Relax – Everything’s Okay! ☺️ Don’t worry…it’s all going to be fine. No matter what your situation looks like right now, this card asks you to relax and let go of worries. Everything will be okay. Have you ever seen a movie in which everyone seems to be in danger or in trouble of some…

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10/24/22 – Daily Oracle Card – Imagine

By heatherdaniellemedium / October 24, 2022 /

Imagine🧚‍♀️ What would you see, feel, think, and hear if your wish came true? When you imagine your dream coming true, you help make it happen. This card asks you to think of a wish that you really want, and imagine that it has come true. Next, close your eyes and notice how your body feels while…

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