I met my Spirit Guide at the Roller Rink

If you are anything like me, then you really want to have a strong relationship with your Spirit Guide.  You may have done guided visitation to meet them, tried to get their name, or even went to a reader to try to get messages from them.

The truth is though, you don’t need any of those in order to get close to your guide.

Let’s get clear on one thin first, most people have more than one guide at any given time. However, your Master Spirit Guide is much like your Guardian Angel.  They are with you from before you were born, until the time you transition.  Most people have incarnated with this guide before, and are pretty close to them.

I often feel closer to my guide when I am not meditating.  And I feel further from him when I am worrying. 

One day, I was in a funk and couldn’t shake it.  I was unbalanced and not sure why. Meditation wasn’t helping, and I just knew my thoughts were helping.  I needed to get out of my head, but what would I do? 

I teared up as I sat on the staircase.  My husband came and wrapped his arm around me, “What would you tell one of your students?” 

Good direction I thought, “I would tell them they needed to do something they used to love, and something that would get them out of their head and into their body.”  I slumped over and continued, “But that won’t work hun, all I love to do is write, and I need to get more into my body, and not write or draw write now.”

He smiled as he replied, “But you used to rollerblade.  You loved it.” 

I was instantly taken back to my teenage years where you’d find me rollerblading until my ankles bled.  Saying I loved it may be an understatement.  I started making excuses.

I can’t go rollerblading, I have no blades!  I can’t go rollerblading, how?! 

That’s when I realized I was making excuses.  I had grocery shopping to get done, errands to run, but in this moment, I needed to feel better. I needed to connect to my guides, to Source.

I needed to go rollerblading.

I googled a rollerskating rink, and soon I found myself putting on a pair of skates for the first time in decades.  It was a bit of a learning curve, but soon I found myself mesmerized on the rink.  It was like no time passed at all. 

That’s when I realized how much I raised my vibration. The fog was lifting. I felt better. I was so happy in this moment, and I started feeling closer to my guide again. He was there, never left.  I had just gotten so caught up in my mind, and human life, that I needed a break.  But not the kind of break that causes you to plump down in front of the TV.

Most often, when we’re feeling down our vibration lowers which causes us to feel disconnected from our guides who vibrate on a much higher level.  If we’re vibin’ low, and they’re really high, it’s harder to hear them. 

When we’re stuck in our thoughts, it’s harder to hear because it’s like a loud party going on in our minds, and we can’t hear them chatting to us.

The number one way to get out of your thoughts and start vibrating higher is through movement.  (Yes, meditation is WONDERFUL, but for me movement helps me get centered & connected faster). 

An actual pic of me that say in the roller rink.

As I sped around the rink, I felt a sense of euphoria.  I had found my Spirit Guide at the roller rink.  Their messages I’ve heard before, but this time it touched my heart like it never had.  I was connected all the time, they were always around, but I just may be too busy to hear them.

So, do you need to lace up your skates?  What did you used to do all of the time when you were a kid that just fueled your soul?  Think of something that got you into your body.  If you can’t think of anything, ask a family member or a friend about what you used to do. Remember, I totally forgot about my rollerblading passion, my husband had to remind me.

Maybe it can be playing around with your old dance routine, riding your bike, perhaps, it’s swimming, volleyball, or playing catch.  If you’ve never done anything like this before, what have you always wanted to try?

Let me know how it goes! 

If you want to learn more, dive deeper into the connection process, check out my Spiritual Gifts Intensive course.  It will get you connecting with your guides, angels, and even passed loved ones. 

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