Signs from Heaven

Signs from the other side are everywhere. Our loved ones who have transitioned are always trying to reach out and say hi. They want us to know they’re around.

Sometimes, we can miss these signs. Maybe our minds are really busy, perhaps we’re still grieving, but even though we don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

In this Spirit Talk, I want to tell you some of the signs I got after my mom got sick. I hope you can find comfort in these signs, and reflect back on some signs you may have brushed off. Or better yet, it can open your mind to the different ways your loved one is reaching out to you.

Here’s the story:

I stood outside my mom’s place with my brother and sister in law. We were scared, mom wasn’t looking so good.

Just then, while we were talking, I noticed a butterfly circling us. It only flew by us for a moment before it landed on me, right on my stomach. Normally, I’d be comforted.

This time I wasn’t because it was a black butterfly. In that instant, I knew it wasn’t a good sign.

Intuitively, I felt it was my grandma letting me know that mom wasn’t going to make it.

The butterfly flew off me, and seemed to circle my brother. The three of us watched as time seemed to stand still as the butterfly flew around him, but never landed on him. I’m convinced to this day that the butterfly was kind of scared to land on him cause my brother has a really cool, but “don’t mess with me” vibe.

Within a day or so, my mom took a turn for the worst and found herself in the hospital. I had to leave to pick up my son when I realized I was headed in the wrong direction on the freeway. I was lost in my thoughts when I seen the car’s license plate in front of me on the freeway.

My mouth dropped open when I seen it was only TWO letters: 83.

Actual photo of the car I seen, taken on July 12, 2019

Eighty three was a VERY special number to me, it is one I associate with my grandma. I was born in 83, she passed when I was 83, and she often showed me this number after she passed.

Here is my jersey with a random number that was assigned to me AFTER my grandma passed. This was RANDOM, and is when I realized 83 was gonna be the number that connected me and my grams. (Pic taken in 2012).

I took this as a sign that grams was with my mom, but now since she made it known she was around, I had one BIG question to ask her:

“Grandma! I know you’re with mom, thank you! But.. can you PLEASE tell me if mom is going to make it or will she pass away?”

I got off the next exit and rolled my eyes as I hit a redlight. I was in a hurry to get back to my mom. I needed GREEN LIGHT SPIRIT! Not Red ones!

My heart dropped as the cars began to turn and I seen it was a funeral procession. I starred as they turned into the lane next to mine. On the hearse was “Cobbs Funeral Home” That name was VERY close to my mom’s name, only one letter off. I cried.

I had gotten my answer, mom wasn’t going to make it. Least I knew now going forward what to expect and knew she was in good hands since her mom (my grams) was around.

I don’t think it was that same day, but maybe a few days later. My mom was admitted to the cardiovascular wing of the hospital. I HATED this wing. The staff wasn’t attentive, my mom needed more care. And it wasn’t very appealing, it looked like it should be abolished at any moment.

(I’m told that it wasn’t that bad, and that I’m exaggerating this), but one thing was for sure, I didn’t want my mom there.

However, I knew my mom was in this wing for a reason.

Perhaps, if I found out the reason, we could learn this lesson and be back on the oncology floor.

To my amazement, a few days later, I didn’t find the reason, but my Aunt Judy did!!

She had been getting into the spiritual realm with me, and often sent me messages about signs. This particular sign though blew my mind!

As she walked into the hosptial that day, the name of the wing caught her eye.

The name of the wing was named in memory of:

Ellen Ernst

Picture Aunt Judy sent me July 18, 2019


That is my mom’s name (Ellen) and her dad’s name is Ernest!

Ernest passed away in the 80’s! Craziness! I couldn’t wait and ran to my mom telling her the good news that her dad was with her. I feel like this warmed her heart and got her believing more that Heaven truly existed.

Shortly after finding that name, my mom was moved to the oncology floor. I know mom loved it when I told her all the signs I’d been seeing from then on. Like when I brought crystals that I didn’t know what they were for, but when I looked them up by her beside, they were the exact crystals she needed!

This also opened my Aunt Judy’s heart, and I am grateful she opened herself up to signs from the Other Side. She got many of them from my mom before she passed away unexpectedly just 6 months later.

Even though I miss these two terribly, I know they’re partying it up on the other side. I still get signs from them (Really cool ones!) that I can’t wait to share with you.

Until then, use these stories I share with you to get more creative on the signs that your passed loved one sends you. And if you get a sign you don’t understand, talk back!

It’s a TWO way conversation between you and Spirit. They can hear you and they’re listening.

What was the coolest sign you ever got from a loved one? I wanna hear, comment it below!

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