The 7 Archangels you need to call upon for help

So many of us think we’re alone, and we end up navigating this tough human life without asking for help.   I know many of us may feel like we don’t have anyone we can rely on, we have no one to help us.

During the toughest times of my life, I relied on myself and my savviness to get me by.  I notice though, when looking back, when I prayed and asked for help, I often got it.

I remember being so down on my luck, and nothing was going right.  Then, to make matters even worse, my tire blew out and I needed a new one.  The issue: I barely had any money to my name, and the tire was a special tire.  I was quoted over $200 for this tire, and no one had a used one.   I cried, and prayed.  I didn’t know what else to do.  I was desperate, and finally put an ad on Craigslist.  It couldn’t hurt. 

To my surprise, someone had the tire I needed!  It was stored away in his attic, and only asked me for $20!  How flippin’ amazing!!!    I started to feel way back then, that there was something guiding me, and helping me out.  If I would only ask them for assistance.

Years later, I am all too familiar with who is helping me out, and one of the spiritual beings that help us out so often are the archangels. 

Below is a list of seven of these amazing angelic beings whom are waiting to assist you.  All we have to do is ask for their help.   

Even though there are more than just these 7 archangels ready to assist you, these are the 7 I’ve noticed that people need the most.

There’s also a lot of confusion out there about what Angel does what and is known for what, the following is what has been found to be true for me in all the readings I’ve read, the chats I’ve had with them, and the things I’ve learned from them during the many readings I’ve done.

Archangel Michael:     “He who is Like God”

•   Assists with Throat Chakra: This is the chakra of communication, self-expression, and finding your voice.

•   The Protector: He will offer protection of your energy, of your body, home, and car.

•   Call upon him for strength and courage

•   Often associated with Royal Purple/Blue/Gold

Jophiel: “Beauty of God”

•     Angel of patience

•     Helps you to see beauty in all things including those around you.

•     Assists in boosting creativity

•     Often associated with the color “Yellow”

Chamuel: “He who sees God”

•    Assists with Peace, comfort, and love

•    Also assists with crossing people over

•    Helps grieving hearts

•    Often associated with the color pink 


Gabriel: “Messenger of God”

•     Assists in communication

•     Diffuses tough situations

•     Can help with families and children

•     Often associated with the color white

Raphael: “Healing Power of God”

•      Assists with healing, and healers

•      Angel of healing and abundance

•      Gives Guidance

•      Often associated with the color green   


Uriel: “God is Light”

•     Angel of Ideas and Intelligence     

•     Call upon for positivity

•      Often associated with the color red

•      Helps inspire

Zadkiel: “Righteousness of God”

•      Often associated with amethyst

•      Angel of compassion and forgiveness

•      Helps build confidence

•      Assists in Divine Connection       

I have no doubt Archangel Michael  (aka Big Mike) was there for me on that day with the tire situation, I often see a flash of light out of the corner of my eye, and I know it’s him.  Always supporting, guiding, and loving me.

FUN NOTE:  Angels have never incarnated here on Earth, they don’t have an ego like we do because the ego is a human quality.  Many have said that angels love helping us as much as they do because they know how hard being human is. They admire us for our courage, and strength to live this crazy human life. 

Which of these archangels do you think is guiding you right now?  Or perhaps, which one do you need to call upon? 

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