11/8/22 Daily Oracle Card – Intuition

By heatherdaniellemedium | Nov 8, 2022

27. Intuition 👁️ Intuition is the accurate inner knowing that each of us is born with. If you choose to tune into it consistently, it will become stronger, and it can help to guide you and bring you peace throughout every aspect of your life. You are being called to ask yourself: “What do I…

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11/7/22 Daily Oracle Card – Power

By heatherdaniellemedium | Nov 7, 2022

1. Power ⚡ Marie Laveau was the epitome of power and grace within the community of New Orleans. Not only was she known as an astute business woman, but she was also the go-to person for the spiritual remedies of everyday life. If you have drawn this card, you have been called to embrace all…

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11/4/22 Daily Oracle Card – Love vs. Fear

By heatherdaniellemedium | Nov 4, 2022

“All that I LOVE  is more important to me than all that I fear.” 🥰 Today lets focus on the things we love, focus on those things we love to do, letting everything else fall away. Let’s raise our energy our vibration today bring love in all we do. Deck: Spirit Junkie Card DeckAuthor: Gabby…

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11/3/22 Daily Oracle Card – Release

By heatherdaniellemedium | Nov 3, 2022

“Attacking others is an attack on myself. I choose to release this now.” 🫶 This is a good day to focus on relationships, reactions and judgements. Remember, there is a difference between healthy discernment, the kind that keeps you safe and on your best and highest path and negative judgement – e.g. making assumptions about…

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11/2/22 Daily Oracle Card – Peaceful Presence

By heatherdaniellemedium | Nov 2, 2022

“My power lies in my peaceful presence.” 😇 Today is a day for reflection, tuning in, savoring moments, and being an active listener.  Today is also Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). It is a great day to remember your passed loved ones, honor their memory, honor their life, and honor the part…

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11/1/22 Daily Oracle Card – Perceive

By heatherdaniellemedium | Nov 1, 2022

“I can’t control the world, but I can control how I choose to perceive it.”☺️ As you begin to make feeling good a priority, you will notice a lot of resistance from the outside world. Don’t blame others for their resistance. They’re merely reflecting back to you any lingering resistance of your own. Use these…

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10/31/22 Daily Oracle Card – I Am Safe

By heatherdaniellemedium | Oct 31, 2022

“I breathe calmly and easily. I am safe in this moment.” 🙏 If you’ve been anticipating or living in the future lately, this card is reminding you to come back to the present. Spirit wants to let you know that you are okay! You don’t need to worry about the future. You’ve made it this…

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10/28/22 Daily Oracle Card – It’s Okay to be Different

By heatherdaniellemedium | Oct 28, 2022

It’s okay to be different! 🦄 You don’t need to be like everyone else. You’re perfect just as you are! Everyone wants to be liked, so it’s normal that you want to fit in with other people. You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don’t belong. You may even feel that you’re…

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10/27/22 Daily Oracle Card – You Are Gifted

By heatherdaniellemedium | Oct 27, 2022

You Are Gifted 🌟 You are very intelligent and talented. Spirit wants you to know that you’re very intelligent. Like a high-speed computer, you have the ability to learn and memorize a lot of material. You’re especially gifted in finding out which topics interest you. You also have the gift of creativity. With your wisdom,…

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